Q: Are your products handmade?
A: Every single one of them is handmade with love.

Q: Are your products tested on animals?
A: No we do not test our products on animals

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?
A: Due to the natural ingredients we use in our products, they are meant to be used up. If products are properly stored (avoid extreme temperatures, keep out of direct sunlight, keep tightly capped, etc) our butters and sugar scrubs have a 9 month shelf life, soap have a 1 year shelf life. Everything is made and shipped fresh weekly, to ensure that our customers get the maximum shelf life on each product

Q: Are your products all natural?
A: Our sugar scrubs, bar soaps & body butters are 100% natural.

Q: Do your products contain preservatives?
A: No our products do not contain preservatives.

Q: Do your products contain parabens?
A: No our products are paraben free.


Q: Are your soaps detergent free?

A: Yes our soaps are detergent free, These soap bases do not contain synthetic detergents or parabens. They have excellent skincare performance with 100% of the lather produced from saponification of natural oils producing real soap. Made in the USA.

Q: Are your products organic?
A: Our soaps contain organically grown loofah's

Q: What are essential oils?
A: Essential oils are fragrant oils extracted from plants, and have numerous benefits, both mental and physical. They are used in the practice of aromatherapy, and in all of our products.


Q: Can I get faster shipping and what is the additional cost?

A: Yes you can get faster shipping please contact us for quotes


Q: What is your return policy?

A: All sales are final